Never a Dull Moment
My Life and Times

By Geoffrey Wilson

ISBN: 9781644677520

260 pages

Adventure and Accomplishment Across Two Centuries

This unique autobiography documents Geoffrey Wilson’s amazingly productive and memorable twentieth-century life of service, adventure, scholarship, and family in Britain and the United States. Offered in his humorous self-deprecating style, these memoirs illuminate a cinematic personal story that begins with Wilson’s childhood in coal-heated rooms, and continues through his life in London during the Blitz and World War ll, his post-war adventures in the Alps, and his subsequent career at the University of Leeds, for which he describes the full range of the successes, catastrophes, honors, blunders and crises, both serious and amusing, that underpinned his remarkable career.  Ultimately, the story lands with Wilson’s second career as an accomplished painter and teacher in both Britain and Chicago.  It’s all here, providing a fascinating account of an extraordinary twentieth-century life.