This book tells fascinating and often frank story of Geoffrey Wilson’s professional and private life. All good architectural patronage is rooted on the past, anchored in the present, and looks forward with optimism to the future. These memoirs do precisely that. Read on!

Frank Woods, M.A.Architect, Chamberlin, Powell and Bon

A long life packed full of challenges overcome, and academic, scientific and artistic successes achieved at the highest level. A book of all fact and no fiction. Geoffrey Wilson is a man with many gifts and experiences. It makes a great read.

Dr. Ray HeadEmeritus Bursar, The University of Leeds

Never a Dull Moment is a brilliant view through the illuminating windows of Geoffrey Wilson’s rich anecdotes and experiences. From Britain in the 1920s through World War II and his amazing mountaineering adventures, to his architectural engineering career at Leeds University and life at his beloved Yorkshire farm homestead, this fascinatingly intimate account is a compelling story of a wonderful life.

David R. Campbell, M.D.